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Process & Progress to Date

Preliminary Engineering Phase – Underway

Sep 2022 

Revised project website launched –

Sep 2022

Community Action Grant application for preliminary engineering of landside Marine infrastructure submitted.

Sep/Oct 2022

Pre-design work for marine infrastructure underway (additional survey work and more detailed facility assessment)

Summer 2022  

Contract established with consulting team led by Landmark Corporation preliminary engineering of the marine infrastructure

Spring 2022 

Community Action Grant Award of $50,000, for preliminary engineering of marine infrastructure


Conceptual Design Phase – Complete

Jun 2022     

Implementation Road Map for the Conceptual Design complete – Review or download here.

Apr 2022      

Earth Day site visit from Governor’s Office Of Policy & Innovation

Spring/Summer 2022

Ad Hoc Downtown Waterfront Committee, Harbor Management Commission, Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee, Harbor Trail Committee, participating stakeholder, and City Council review and endorsements of Conceptual Design

Spring 2022    

Climate-ready Conceptual Design completed – Review or download here.

2021-Spring 2022  

Collaborative Committee and stakeholder meetings, site tour and workshops that established shared goals and objectives and guided development of the Conceptual Design and the Road Map for its implementation

Summer 2021    

Community Survey – Results summarized in the Conceptual Plan and Road Map - Review or download here.


Spring 2021    

Project website established -

Spring 2021    

Contract with Consulting team led by the Musson Group

Fall 2020      

Shore & Harbor Planning Grant award of $30,000 from the Maine Coastal Program for consulting support

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