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Ad Hoc Downtown Waterfront Committee 

Meetings are open to the public. To attend via Zoom, click on the meeting link at the designated date and time.

Meeting information can be found below.

Next meeting date:

Tentative meeting dates: Thursdays 4pm: June 15, June 29, July 13, July 27

Meeting Information 

Nov. 29, 2022 Meeting

Meeting summary: Overview of the waterfront facilities assessment and design basis / recommendations; Review of the preliminary layout for marine structures.

Jan. 10, 2023

Meeting agenda: Discussion of resiliency design and recent storm; Review design refinements and continued discussion of the  options for construction, detailing, and materials.

May 16, 2023

Meeting agenda: Review progress for key landside improvements, including the connector road and kayak launch area, and the proposed harbor master's building.

June 29, 2023

Placeholder meeting date 


December 6, 2022

Meeting summary: Review and discussion of the layout, features, and materials for the piers, boardwalk, and related waterfront spaces. 

January 24, 2023

The January 24 meeting included a continued discussion of the electrical services for the docks as well as at-grade Harbor Walk considerations.

June 1, 2023

Meeting agenda: Review stakeholder input from the major festival organizers regarding their layout and utility needs, and feedback from direct abutters.


July 13, 2023

Placeholder meeting date 


Dec. 20, 2022 Meeting

Meeting summary: Review of design refinements and continued discussion of the  options for construction, detailing, and materials.

April 11, 2023

Meeting agenda: Kick off for the preliminary design phase for the landside improvements; Review of the overall goals, process, and timelines for design, outreach, and decision-making.

June 15, 2023

Meeting agenda: Placeholder meeting date for design progress and topics such as green stormwater management opportunities.


July 27, 2023

Placeholder meeting date 


Participate in the Planning

The Ad Hoc Downtown Waterfront Committee is the steering committee for this project. Its members welcome all interested people to the table to participate and collaborate on the design.

The Committee, with the help from a consulting team and City staff, has used a consensus-building approach to the project. With consensus building, instead of everyone coming to the table to advocate for their own interests - the process focuses on interests in common and builds from there.

The Preliminary Engineering phase of the project has begun, and is adding detail to the Conceptual Design already developed.

With help from the State Community Action Grant, the project team is focused first on Preliminary Engineering for the marine infrastructure (e.g. the piers, seawall, and the boardwalk that connects them). Work on the landside engineering will begin once funding is secured.

The early part of preliminary Engineering involves survey work and technical assessment. Once pre-design work is complete, the Ad Hoc Downtown Waterfront Committee will be reactivated to advise on the design details.

Meetings will be posted here and on the City's website calendar.

Sign Up for Meeting Notices

Notices will also be posted here or on the City's website calendar.

Learn About Process and Progress to Date

Click the link below to get more information on the process and progress to date.

Project Committee

The Downtown Waterfront Advisory Committee was created by order of City Council in July 2020 with the task of developing a plan that considers the Public Landing, the Middle Pier, and the adjacent parks together.

Committee members include representatives of the City’s Parks & Recreation Committee, Harbor Management Commission, and  Harbor Trail Committee, as well as additional members appointed by City Council. Members are:

  • Paul Benjamin

  • Jeffrey Boggs

  • Kate Doiron

  • Sam Ladley

  • Matthew Ondra

  • Ginny Savage

  • Joan Wright

Supporting City of Rockland staff:

  • Community Development Director

  • Harbor Master

All Committee meetings are open to the public, and stakeholders are invited to participate.

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