Stay tuned to this page throughout the project for opportunities to participate in the online survey, project events, and public workshops with the City Council. You will be able to review work in progress, designs, presentations, and other project materials here. 

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Community Questionnaire

Our community questionnaire is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. You can review the results by clicking on the "survey results" link.

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Meetings & Events

Committee Meeting #2
June 8, 2021

The project committee joined the consulting team to tour the project area together. For more information about the discussion, please click the link below.

Site Walk June 15, 2021

The project committee and consulting team met on June 15th to tour the project sites and to review / discuss existing conditions, past planning recommendations, and current issues / considerations.

Committee Meeting #3
July 27, 2021

The project team lead a discussion of the preliminary project goals and objectives that will guide the plan. How to incorporate resiliency for projected sea level rise is a central component of the project considerations. 

Committee Meeting #4
August 17, 2021

The committee met to follow up an earlier discussion of how to proactive plan for sea level rise. The committee is currently considering a 50-year time span with a projected sea level rise of 2.7' or more. This approach will be vetted with the Council in early September.

Committee Meeting #5
August 31, 2021

The project committee will meet August 31 to review the draft community questionnaire for publication later this month and will prepare for a Council meeting in early September.


As always, anyone from the public is welcome to participate. Please contact us for more information. 

Committee Meeting #1
May 25, 2021

The project committee and consulting team met via Zoom to review the project scope and desired outcomes. Click the link below to see the presentation materials from the meeting.

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City Council Update #1
September 8, 2021

The project team updated the City Council at the September 8 meeting. The project team shared its progress to date and sought input on the 50-year approach to resiliency.

Committee & Stakeholders Meeting #6
September 21, 2021

The project committee met with several stakeholders to discuss events and festivals in waterfront parks. The committee was seeking information regarding patterns of use and needs related to these activities. For meetings notes, please click on the link below.

Committee & Stakeholders Meeting #7
October 12, 2021

The project committee met with several stakeholders to discuss commercial boating operations that utilize the waterfront facilities. The committee was seeking information regarding patterns of use and needs related to these activities. For meetings notes, please click on the link below.

Committee / Stakeholders Meeting #8
& Meeting #9
October 26 & November 15, 2021

The project committee met to review and provide feedback on the first draft of the proposed design approach for the downtown waterfront facilities and parks. The feedback was incorporated and shared at a follow up meeting with stakeholders including the farmers market, food truck vendors, and adjacent property owners on November 15. Click on the information link below for an overview of the draft design approach.

City Council Update #2
November 1, 2021

The project team provided a status update and a summary of the community survey results at the regular City Council meeting on November 1, 2021. For a copy of the presentation materials, click the "info" link below.

Design Approach Meetings

The committee met regularly with the design team over the Fall of 2021 into mid January 2022 to review potential design approaches and work toward reaching a consensus. The committee considered general site layouts, circulation patterns of vehicles and pedestrians, and site features via high level, concept diagrams. Through this process, the committee was able to explore and refine potential approaches to revitalizing the Downtown Waterfront. For an overview of the design approach, click the "info" link below. Reference the design development materials to see the evolution of the initial design approach.

Design Development Meetings

Over the Winter of 2022, the project committee has met with the design team to consider various parking and circulation layouts, float configurations, and other design refinements. During this time, the team has continued to consult direct stakeholders including City departments, festival organizers, abutting property and business owners, and others to vet and refine the design ideas. This iterative process has included consideration of multiple layout scenarios for Harbor Park and Buoy Park, a new amphitheater, paths and boardwalk, and waterfront structures. The design development meetings have been informal in nature and treated as working reviews to evaluate the design in progress. For more information, check out the links below. The corresponding meeting date is noted in parenthesis.

Draft Concept Plan

for the Rockland Downtown Waterfront

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Community Workshop May 5, 2022


The Downtown Waterfront Advisory Committee hosted a Community Conversation about a draft Concept Plan for the parks and piers on Rockland’s Downtown Waterfront on May 5th. The event included an overview of the Committee’s planning process, their related goals and objectives, and a facilitated discussion of the draft conceptual site design and its components. Thank you to everyone who participated. The Concept Plan has been updated to reflect the feedback we have received from stakeholders.