Project Committee

The Downtown Waterfront Advisory Committee was created by order of City Council in July 2020 with the task of developing a plan that considers the Public Landing, the Middle Pier, and the adjacent parks together.

Committee members include representatives of the City’s Parks & Recreation Committee, Harbor Management Commission, and  Harbor Trail Committee, as well as additional members appointed by City Council. Members are:

  • Paul Benjamin

  • Jeffrey Boggs

  • Kate Doiron

  • Sam Ladley

  • Matthew Ondra

  • Ginny Savage

  • Joan Wright

Supporting City of Rockland staff and officials:

  • Julie Hashem, Community Development

  • Ryan Murray, Harbor Master

  • Mayor Ed Glaser, City Council

All Committee meetings are open to the public, and stakeholders are invited to participate.

Rockland's Downtown Waterfront covers nearly 7 acres of connected properties with more than 1,000 feet of frontage.

Project Purpose

The City of Rockland owns some of the region’s best real estate with nearly 7 acres of connected properties and more than 1000 feet of frontage on the downtown waterfront.


While these properties have the potential to be the crown jewel of Rockland’s waterfront, today they are under-utilized and require maintenance and upgrades to address conditions and challenges like flood plain requirements, the trends of sea level rise, public access, and a complex variety of users and uses.

Project locations 2.png

Project Overview

This planning and design project will develop an integrated site plan and implementation roadmap for a cluster of City-owned properties on Rockland’s waterfront: 3 parks (6.55 acres), 2 multi-use piers, commercial space, and about 1,100 feet of shoreline. The properties include:

  • Harbor Park (3.57 acres)

  • The Public Landing (Pier at Harbor Park)

  • Buoy Park (2.61 acres) / Gilbert and Adams Central Park

  • Middle Pier (Pier at Buoy Park)

  • Mildred Merrill Park (0.37 acres)

  • The Police Station Condo (7,678 SF, next to both Harbor Park and Buoy Park)

The idea is to develop a shared community vision, and a practical, phased approach for achieving it. The project will build on goals and objectives included in the recently approved Harbor Management Plan and consider the work of past committees that advanced potential visions for parts of the project area.

For example, would the community like to see the Boardwalk extend not just to the edge of the City’s property, but across City properties?  Should we be moving the Harbormaster’s building out of the flood zone? What are the implications of sea level rise, and how do we plan for resiliency?

Once we have a clear idea of what the community wants to see happen on these properties, and an implementation plan with independently executable phases, the City can apply for grants and other funding to help make it happen.

Project Sites


Buoy Park / Gilbert & Adams Central Park


Public Landing

MMerrill Park.jpg

Mildred Merrill Park


Middle Pier

Harbor Park.jpg

Harbor Park

Police Station_GSV1.jpg

Police Station Condos

Past Planning Efforts

Many past planning efforts predate this project. The following plans and studies all contribute to a comprehensive accounting of the downtown waterfront uses, stakeholders, and historical decision-making. Because conditions, uses, and needs evolve over time, the prior plans need to be revisited to understand their relevance and applicability today. For more information about the studies, click on the link below.

  • Harbor Management Plan (2020)

  • Middle Pier Resiliency Report (2019)

  • Inner Harbor City Waterfront Concept (2018)

  • Buoy Park Concept (2018)

  • Public Landing Concept Plan & Report (2016)

  • Harbor Park Concept Plan & Redevelopment Report (2012)

  • Harbor Trail Plan (2011)​

  • Waterfront Redevelopment Plan (2011)