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Conceptual Design & Road Map


The Conceptual Design and Road Map for its implementation were developed after more than a year of collaboration and consensus-building, and with help from a grant from the Maine Coastal Program. The design provides both balance and flexibility:


Balance - between and among commercial and recreational uses, boaters, and non-boaters, festivals and community scale events, greenspace and hardscape, transportation types - and so much more.

Flexibility - such as greenspace that can withstand heavy use from events; facilities that can be used in different ways depending on changing needs; utilities than can serve a future with electric vehicles and vessels; elevations that can be adjusted if sea levels are different than expected. 

The Conceptual Design has been endorsed by Rockland's Ad Hoc Downtown Waterfront Committee, Harbor Management Commission, Ad Hoc Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, Harbor Trail Committee, participating stakeholders, and the City Council.

The Conceptual Design & Road Map are the foundation for the Preliminary Engineering Phase of the project that is currently underway.

Preliminary Design - The preliminary design process was based on the Conceptual Design & Road Map. To learn more about the process and to see the preliminary engineering reports and plans, click the link below.

Check out the links below for more information

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