Concept Plan / Road Map

for the Rockland Downtown Waterfront

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Community Workshop

The Downtown Waterfront Advisory Committee hosted a Community Conversation about a draft Concept Plan for the parks and piers on Rockland’s Downtown Waterfront on May 5th. The event included an overview of the Committee’s planning process, their related goals and objectives, and a facilitated discussion of the draft conceptual site design and its components. The Concept Plan has been updated to incorporate input and will be further refined as details are worked out during preliminary design.

Road Map 

Following the workshop with the community, the project team worked closely with the Downtown Waterfront Committee, festival stakeholders, and key abutters to finalize the concept plan, which forms the basis of the road map.


The Road Map outlines project components and budgets related to the concept plan, and it identifies potential funding sources for improvements.


To see the Road Map, please click on the link below. The Road Map presented to the Council on August 1st. 

Check out the links below for more information

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Join the effort to plan the Rockland Downtown Waterfront!

The City of Rockland is fortunate to have an amazing portfolio of municipally-owed properties on the downtown waterfront. The properties include Harbor Park, Buoy Park, the Public Landing, Middle Pier and provide an estimated 1,000 feet of publicly-owned shoreline.

This project will develop a shared community vision for these municipally-owned properties and a practical, phased approach for achieving it. The project will build on goals and objectives included in the recently approved Harbor Management Plan, and consider the work of past committees that advanced potential visions for Harbor Park.

For example, would the community like to see the Boardwalk extend not just to the edge of the City’s property, but across City properties?  Should we be moving the Harbormaster’s building out of the flood zone? How can we plan for the age-related improvements that are needed for our piers, and improve their ability to withstand storm surges and sea level rise?


Please join the initiative to develop a shared community vision and implementation plan for these spaces. Once we have a clear idea of what the community wants, we can apply for grants and other funding to help make it happen.

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Learn about the project

Review more about this project and the past studies and plans that will be considered as part of the planning process.

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The Ad Hoc Downtown Waterfront Committee was created by order of City Council in July 2020. To learn more about the project and committee members, visit the "about" page.

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work in progress

See the latest work

Visit the Participate page to see the work in progress, including sketches, plans, and project highlights.

Committee Meeting

Tues., May 24, 4-6pm 

The project committee will be meeting to review the input from the "community conversation" held on May 5. As always, anyone is welcome to sit in on the discussion. Click on the Zoom link above.

Meetings & Outreach

Summary of meetings to date

The project team has met with the project committee regularly since the project kicked off on May 25. Currently, the working group is meeting with identified stakeholders, such as festival / event organizers and boaters, to gain an understanding of uses and needs related to the waterfront facilities. See our participation page for more information.


Anyone from the community can attend the committee meetings. See the "Contact" page if you would like to get in touch with us.

Community Survey

The results are in

The community survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. We had 462 responses which exceeded our goals for a 95% confidence level with a 5% margin of error. Go to the Survey Results page for a summary of the responses. 

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